The main activity of company Techimpex s.r.o. is fabrication of brewery equipment with capacities ranging from 200 to 50.000 litres of finished beer per day, for special order also with higher.
   Breweries with high capacity are perfect solution for beer production that can compete with industrial breweries in your region and even beyond it. Craft mini breweries are more suitable for supplying in chains of stores or restaurants. Microbreweries (small capacity) are mostly placed directly in a hall of a restaurant, bar or pub, harmoniously complements the design and produces a nice impression on visitors and approves them that the beer is always fresh and always alive.
   The company produces, delivers, installs brewing equipment, teaches to brew beer in accordance with proprietary recipes and technologies, expands and modernizes existing production facilities with high-quality fermentation cylindrical conical tanks and other equipment.


The company offers the following kits of semi and fully automated beer brewing systems, turnkey projects:

200 - 1000 L
Microbreweries Blonder Beer Classic and Compact with productivity 200 l - 1000 l beer per day



1500 - 7500 L
Minibreweries Blonder Beer with productivity 1500 l - 7500 l of beer per day



10000 - 50000 L
Breweries Blonder Beer with productivity 10000 l - 50000 l of beer per day




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